I was silently suffering from insomnia for almost a year. I tried applying all sleeping techniques that I could read or watch online but to no avail. I was already thinking of taking anxiety pills until I saw one of coach Ai’s posts about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I messaged her directly and told her that I’d like to try. Our 1st session was unforgettable because I was able to share all my issues in life that I never knew I had. It was liberating. Therapy sessions went on for a few weeks. Fast forward to today, I’m now back to sleeping soundly at night. I know myself more now than ever and I’m now equipped with a lot of skills and knowledge to fight sleepless nights should there be a relapse. To everyone undergoing some hardships in life, there’s hope! As for me, it only took a message of “I’d like to try” with Coach Ai

-Cath, 37, Mother

I looked for help at at time when my heart was full of bitterness, anger and unforgiveness. I had signs of depression, anger and anxiety. At first I don’t know why my coach wants me to exercise, drink vitamins and supplements. But I just did it anyway. I thought, she knows what she is doing, and I really needed help and I have made that commitment that I will also help myself with God’s guidance and help. From it I have learned self care, I was surprised that I wasn’t really taking care of myself and it has an effect on my well being. As I take care of myself physically, I deal with my heart, my past, It is not easy to relive the past, and really do my homework but it is part of the process, although it is challenging, week by week going through the very things Ive previously buried at the very back of my mind, because I have felt powerless then. Through the help of CBT , I am now equipped to process my very own thoughts, I am now able to face the things that I previously avoided. I have learned to assert myself and came out of my own prison cells. I am happy that I was able to finish the CBT Program , this time I am aware that certain feelings and thoughts may came back. But glad to have taken the relapse program, I would already know my own triggers and can now process on my own thoughts with less fear. Grateful that I finished and graduated the CBT Program, thanks to Coach Ai that even though she has medical needs that requires attention. She has really pushed me to finish the program and for that I am grateful. My days are better this time.

-Cheryl, 34, Single mom

To be honest, when I was first thinking about seeking help, I was trying to rationalize my own feelings, thinking that maybe my own problems are not that big of a deal and that I can solve my own issues, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure of what I was feeling, and I didn’t know why I was feeling that way, so even if I was unsure (and kind of reluctant) I continued on with the CBT. I came on the first session without any expectations, it was my first time to get therapy after all, but Miss Aileen was very warm to me, and I eventually I went to the following sessions, and the next, up until the last. Seeking help and getting therapy made me realize that there is nothing wrong with lowering your guard down for a while, being vulnerable, and that it’s okay not to feel okay. Having mental health issues doesn’t make you less of a person, and there’s no shame in seeking help, AT ALL. Having someone other than the voices in your head and knowing that that someone is trained for these kind of situations gives me comfort that there won’t be any judgment within this space, that I can be honest. CBT exists to help you find better ways to cope and eventually stand on your own, it gives you a better understanding on how you can have a healthier relationship with yourself and emotions you have. Of course things may take a while, but as long as there’s progress, then that in itself is already an achievement.

-Mercy, 19, Student

Effective mental health treatment should always aim to treat the person the whole person. A collaboration with family, therapist, and patient is vital.




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